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Lack of open data makes for clunky democracy

Living in the city of Chester I sometimes think the old Deva Victrix (79AD) city is still in the air. We have a 6 story luxury student block being planned for development at the end of my road.  When deciding … Continue reading

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Data Analytics modelling, why tune by hand?

When we’re carrying out analysis once we’ve got clean transformed data we have to create a model. There are many types of models that can be used depending on the type of analysis or prediction being made.  For instance, predicting … Continue reading

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Collecting requirements from users for a BI project

When holding a workshop to collect requirements for a BI project you can take two broad approaches. When customers know what they want it’s easier to talk dimensions and facts i.e. £ sales by customer, product, brand, time.  Or £ … Continue reading

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Business Analysis for BI projects

BI projects have complex elements such as dimensional modelling, modelling facts, hierarchies, calculations etc.. This makes it essential that Business Analysis is applied on all projects.  It’s during the BA phase that requirements are picked up.  As a BI professional it’s … Continue reading

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Cleaning data with t-SQL

When creating BI models and looking into the guts of the ERP system we see data artifacts from user behavior or sometimes poor design which requires us to get out our cleaning gear. It goes without saying the best course … Continue reading

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