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Deploying R/Python scripts

When we clean and transform data and go on to produce a great predictive model the last thing we want is to not deploy it. The issue we have is deployment often means heavy engineering. Depending on the resources at … Continue reading

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Interactive time series with 3 lines of R

Time Series analysis is a fundamental aspect of performance management.   Before we can begin to model time-series there’s huge dividend in just visualising the data.  We can see if there is a seasonal pattern, or is the time-series additive or … Continue reading

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Random Forests with R

This post covers modelling and evaluation steps from the CRISP-DM methodology. When making decisions in business it’s prudent to use business facts. I’m sure I have no need to convince you of this. Sometimes the decision we’re trying to make involves … Continue reading

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Why is R so useful

As an Excel power user (someone called me a guru recently!) I know Excel can be used to do pretty much anything – I’ve even seen Excel being used to play the Game of Life.   If this is the … Continue reading

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Web Scraping with R

Web Scraping is used to pull data from web pages when an API is unavailable.  Imagine copying the data by hand (horrible chore) this is essentially web scraping. I’ve wanted to get my head around this for a while and see if … Continue reading

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