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Why is R so useful

As an Excel power user (someone called me a guru recently!) I know Excel can be used to do pretty much anything – I’ve even seen Excel being used to play the Game of Life.   If this is the … Continue reading

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Web Scraping with R

Web Scraping is used to pull data from web pages when an API is unavailable.  Imagine copying the data by hand (horrible chore) this is essentially web scraping. I’ve wanted to get my head around this for a while and see if … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Tour

Here’s an example of using web services to source data & processing from 3rd parties.  I queried Yelp for top venues, used Google Maps to retrieve a distance matrix.  I then used an R package TSP to calculate the optimal … Continue reading

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Data Analysis prep with Linux Mint & R

When I embarked on learning R last year I decided to jump whole heartedly into the open source stack with Linux, using a virtual machine running Linux Mint. There were various reason for this such as productivity with the terminal … Continue reading

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Johns Hopkins and Coursera MOOC review : Data Science

When I started learning R as a means to boost my analytical skills I was hit by the steep learning curve despite having half-decent coding skills.  I needed to dig deep. After a couple of books and blogs I was … Continue reading

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